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Heart Of A Blind Beauty Empty Heart Of A Blind Beauty

Post by LadyLaraCroft90 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:13 pm

Hey guys, ive made a story on word and i like it alot. dont worry i wont flood with my stories im making a site for that , its about the doppleganger after being set free.
Here we go!

Part One - A Home

Ive just been set free, away from Natla.. i dont want to stay here, in helheim its to dark, and thralls can kill me. i would like to find my true master Lara Croft. only where is she?

"Yes, Winston the new manner is fine, lets go inside." there she is. Lara, how will i approch her? say 'Hey Lara! its me. well you.' no, ill approach her unexpecitadly well i am being unexpected. but still, in her home will be better.
"Yes, Lara but why here? i dont like this one. its far too big." the old man looked at lara and i acted as her shadow. i was after all.
"lara, your shadow has, how do i put this, Yellow eyes." oh , he had noticed me! oh well,
"what? oh its my dopple- dopplewhat? doppleganger? what are you doing here in my home? is natla dead?"
"yes Lara Croft. she is. and i am free.. correct?"
"Yes, wait. so far everytime i talk i have yes in a sentance. i will stop now."
"Good. Lara, in Helheim i can get killed. i dont want to put an end to my life, not yet. but i want to live here, well not here exactly, but in this land, this save world."
"Its not safe here either. if people see you, as me they will approach you, its too risky, if you cant go back to helheim or stay here, you will have to live here. but you always wear the same clothes. lets change them. come" so i follow Lara, she opens a bag, and hands it too me, she smiles and i repeat, i open the bag, and inside are clothes. bikers clothes. i look at the stairs and she says
"Go up there and change," so i do as Lara said, as i approach a bedroom and open the door i take my clothes off, gently i sit on the bed, naked, i feel my skin, bruised and battered. my veigns are visible and im warm,
"How does lara do it? well im not human anyway but how does the real lara do it. i dont even have a name." i lie down, still not covered with clothing as i lie there, staring at the ceiling a think of Natla, how she betrayed me and how now i am protected by the good side and i will never see her horrid face again, i roll over and i see a book, i pick it up and begin to read, inside it says

Nobody Is Evil, There Thoughts Are Dark, That Is All Everyone Has Good In Them i must agree with that, then i hear footsteps but they go past the room, i walk around for while, looking at the room, i hear my bare feet hitting of the ground, then i see another door, i open it, inside is a toilet, i see a shower and turn it on, the water is warm, i get inside, it beats on my face, i am new to this and so i do not know what it is, ive never touched water before, ive always jumped across and into the deep ground, but this water is warm and hits on my face i close my eyes, enjoying the nice warmth, an hour later i get out, still naked, i look at the bag, and see the clothes Lara had given to me, i take them out, inside is a leather jacket , a cream tank shirt and shorts, they were black, i put them all on, still bear footed, then i get the boots, they were unusual and i didnt want to wear shoes inside. so i go downstairs, its dark outside and the fire is on, theres lara, with her hair down like mine in her pyjamas, shes on a chair reading a book.

"i like your new house lara, its, warm. i like my room. its cosy and big." i have nothing to say lara looks up,
"im glad you like it. winstons asleep so be quiet, hes so stressed." i smile "you sound it aswell. Lara tell me, do you like being the original you?" she looks at me confused
"why would you say that? of course i like being me, we are not the same, you are well you, not me. you." she said it calmly.
"but lara, were narrolowy identical."
"tell me this, if you are me, what are you doing in life."
"i dont know. i feel new born. i dont know things."
"neither do i. but i try in life, your new, you will find things in life that effect your heart, like i did.." she frowned
"im sorry about your mother,"
"its not her. its well you killed Alister. why?"
"its an order i have. if it scares me i kill it"
"wait hold on. your enemys scare you?"
"what? no. he did. he looked so unsteady and he was all over the place. i panicked i.. i dont know. i guess its me. i guess.."
"go to bed. its fine believe me. its fine. ill see you tommorow. enjoy your rest. change your clothes though. winston said when you where showering he put some in your room."
"okay." so as i go upstairs to my room i open the drawers,
"why do i wear clothes? its well. i dont see me. its covering my body, me. its covering what i am." i take off my clothes and close the drawer without taking any clothes out. I look in the mirror. i was naked once again. i touch my hair and tie it into a bun, parts of it came out at the top but i didnt care much. i enjoyed being me i go to my bed and lie inside it, i close my eyes then i gently fell asleep.

Chapter Two - Knowing Me.

I Wake Up, i hear birds and Winston. i rub my eyes and sit up, then the door opens
"Ah, Miss Croft, Can I Call you that since i do not know your name?" he says
"Um.. sure?" i reply with a stutter. there i am, in some sort of quilting, naked and an old man there
"do you mind leaving?"
"yes M'am your breakfast is at the table. Lara is downstairs too." he walks out and i go into the Wardrobe. there was many things to wear. i take out a dark shirt, i put it on then get out some black jeans, then i put on some boots, i then put my hair into a ponytale. i didnt look good but atleast i was normal. As i go down stairs i hear lara talking
"Zip, shes living here no matter what, it was un-expected but she is a croft now. part of the family." i come out of the shadows and smile.
"Hello." zip and lara look at me.
"morning..." zip doesnt say a word. he looks at lara,
"fine. shes a "croft" but im NOT happy about this." i raise an eyebrow,and he turns around. After a while of exploring the new mannor i find a door, i didnt come across before. So i open it i feel cold spread through my body and ilness in the air, i look behind me and carry on forwards.It gets darker and darker, until -

Chapter 3 - An Escape

Darkness, everywhere i look its just darkness i feel cold and turn back i know this is the way back. Then i hear Lara
"She opend the door! Zip did you even camoflauge this one?" I Hear her saying and zip argueing back, then im on stairs, i go higher,higer then i see light.
"Is that her?" Zip says, it was i approach lara and she frowns, i head to my room but she stops me. it goes silent i turn around and Lara smiles. She does this so comfortably. She makes me feel happier. Maybe because she's my Master.
"It's not your fault. if it was then dont you think i'd be angrier?" She was right. I Look At Zip, i expect him to shout and leave, but instead he just smiled and said:
"Maybe she's cool, but Lara why does she live with you? shes not actually achieveing anything." He was wrong, i was achieving alot, ive learnt so much just being in this house.
"Im going to France tomorrow, shes coming." What? im being kicked out already?
"Why?" i ask i feel angry inside but show no anger outside. she tells me a story that evening, about a boy who finds an artefact he lived in france but was from Rome he hides this artefact, and she says to me how it can destroy any evil. She gives me a book and leaves. i go to my room and undress myself, then i lie on my bed and read parts of the story, then at the back, was one paragraph, not about the story it says:
When i see things, i think of it as a beauty. i took it in and then slept. I dream of Natla as she dround, and then how after she died how lonely i felt, then i run. keep running. further and further away until i see the portal. i know how to activate it so i do. then i think lara croft. then i wake up. I run to my door. then realise my bare skin. so i shower then i get dressed, i put on a long top. it covered to my thigh so i put my underwear on then go downstairs. everyone is sleeping. I go inside the tech room. Then activate the computers and watch the footage. Then Zip comes downstairs.
"Lara's double." He says then grabs my arm. He was warm I Went cold. My mouth was dry and warm, he got closer and i fell to the ground my hair was tied up so the scrunchie dug into my head, but then he got closer to me. I panicked but then his lips touch mine my arm wraps around his back. then all of a sudden i find my self kissing him. flash backs take over me, all in black and white, it goes back to my birth how unhappy i was but then it goes back, and i feel happy then back again into the birth how amanda says "what? a double Ha! Useless.." and how then she uses me for her needs, then back with Zip were on the floor. Then my hair comes undone and the flashbacks stop. I Put Trust into Zip i didnt understand, all of it. my trust was all on Zip at this very momet i trusted him then he stops and whispers:
"Your Pretty Cool, ya'know." i smile at him and i get up. He's holding my hand and i stare at him, he stares back. But politely. i let go of him and walk back up to my room. What i did that moment completely emptied me. Then Lara comes in,
"Hows it going?" i look away and she laughs politely
"That Bad? come on, ill ask again, How's it going?" what was i going to say 'Im having an affair with Zip' ? no i just said
"Good... i suppose..." She touches my shoulder.
"when you say that something is on your mind, your me. i know this for a fact."
"Nothings on my mind.. well other than that story, i did something earlier.. should i regret it?" Lara looked confused..
"What did you do.." she knew! sneaky woman!
"You Know what i did!" I was shocked at her, how did she know though?
"Zip called you pretty and went ranting on and on about you, come on i cant belive you like him, plus i got suspiciouse and watched the footage well only until you kissed him thats just .. yuck! Zip? a shudder to think!" but then she changed expressions and told me i could like anyone, who my heart followed.

Chapter Four - My Destiny

Were in france. its so beatiful the atmposphere the people and getting chased by mercaneries is rather fun! but i keep thinking of Lara's Friends death. Alister, i shot him, im the murderer im going to rot in hell.. i feel awful. Were outside a cave of sorts. lara has her hand behind her back for some sort of reason i do not know of so i bring it up;
"why do you have your hand behind your back?" i say as fast as i can, i put my headset on and zip talks "hey," he says but lara pulls a gun infront of my eyes,
"im sorry to be doing this but you've wasted my time." my mouth drops open.
"Lara? I-" she bites her lip then says
"Boys." Zip and some other man comes out of nowhere.
"You killed Alister, he would want you dead! and so do i. The other night your little romantic evening with Zip, it was all fake. he only used you to get closer to you, killing alister was a mistake, never cross a croft."
"but i am you. with all your little flaws removed Lara Croft. you forget i have guns myself. an echo to go. and now i will kill you. Like Natla Orderd!" I feel foolish! i trusted Lara!! How Could She?! Just Because I Killed Some Stupid Man!! I Get My Gun Out And Shoot Laras Stomach
"Uh! Oh- O- Ohk Eshiva!" she calls. My brain alters. and i recover to my normal eyes where i see whats going on. the man and zip around lara picking her up.
"were going to get you to an hospital lara, dont worry." the man says. i go closer and i look at Zip. Lara opens her eyes. then i shoot up. My chest beating fast. "It was a dream" i get out im fully naked once again and Lara comes in;
"Whats Wrong?!" she shouts.
"nothing.. Nothing it was all a dream and your safe!" she smiles
"oh course, what happened in your dream?" i exchange my look and frown, im close to tears.
"you died. and it was my fault. but you were about to kill me and i panicked." lara exchanges looks and steps back shes by the door and it swings open hitting her hard and she falls to the ground. Zip and winston run in.
"Oops.." Zip says. laras just lying there im in my quilt and i look at winston
"throw me a t-shirt and some pants" he does as i asked and i put them on, i lift up lara and put her on my bed. my t-shirt was a tad too small it was baggy and was above my bellybutton. i kneel next to lara and look up at zip who is looking back at me. i get up and walk over to him.
"You did this! you knocked her out. you didnt even panick when you did it. you just looked at her!" he grabs my arms and holds them tight, he hurts them and he digs into them hard and i hesitate.
"Stop! your hurting!" i scream into his face he doesnt look bothered he just hold them harder his bony hands hurt me and i look at winston who is panicking himself
"let go of her Zip. she didnt do anything!" he lets go of me and i punch his face he falls to the ground and i kneel next to him. lara awakens and looks over the bed i strangle Zip and punch his face he gets up and lifts me up, then throws me my arm hits off the wall on the way and i land with a thud in the ground. i get up and lara shouts
"STOP!!" zip doesnt listen and grabs my hair and drags me to a wall. there he ties me to it with a rope he had he ties it around my neck and lara gets off her bed and picks up a pole i would use incase anyone broke in. she hits him around his head and looks at me. she unties me and i fail to talk.
"look at him, what did you do?" winston approaches us
"never have i seen such a battle before! she didnt do anything, she just made a point and he went crazy, he hurt her." i look at lara.
"my god!" she says i blink and all what was once long and dark is now short and bright.
"look at your eyes! there changing colours?" she opens a book and flicks to a page the book is what she gave to me. she looks at winston who looks at the book. i look at zip and kneel down next to him, he is breathing and so i turn him around go into my drawer and get out my gun,
"its time to see your true colours Zip!" i shoot him and he gets colder and colder. lara looks at me shocked and then runs out the room,
i go after her scared then she nods.
"your independance has tought you well, you followed your heart and now you killed a murderer, you didnt blow up my mansion, did you?" then i have a flash-back, its me, and i walk into a room in the old tech-room, i hear a man, he sounds like zip, i turn around and his hits me around my head, then i fall down the stairs, it all turns dark then i recorver afew minuites later, he's messing with the vault. then he comes over to me and calves something into my leg its his annicials Z.R.M then he blows up the mannor. i go to recover the pendant. then all of a sudden i go back to being in front of lara.
"No. i didnt.. he did" i say coldy then pull up my trousers,
"he was a pervert, a killer and a woman beater by the looks. look his annicials. he carved them into me. Zip Rooney Maseryers." Lara looks and turns around.
"Get rid of his body, that dirty man wont be buried properly. do you hear me?" i do as lara asked. then go back into the mannor.

My Life Is A Flashback,
My Lover Is A Killer.
But Now, Lara Croft cut me of some slack,
I Live With My One True Family, With My Name. Laura Croft. - The Doppleganger

I Hope you liked it =)

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Heart Of A Blind Beauty Empty Re: Heart Of A Blind Beauty

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I don't like it at all. I LOVE IT!

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