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Post by LadyLaraCroft90 on Tue May 19, 2009 1:34 pm

This Is A Fan-Fic about something that happens to lara, and she doesnt know how.

Lara dreamnt of a hero, killing his men, and he found Lara, she was covered in blood from the army, then BANG.... then she awoke, everything about her seemed different, alister was in bed with her as usual, her home was the same, then she fainted, when she woke her eyes were wide, her hair was loose, and when she looked in the mirror at her reflection she saw why. She had changed, her eyes were a sea-blue colour her hair black and her face was pale, then she heard winston coming, she couldn't face him like this! so she hid.
"Alister? Alister wake up! where is Lara? i can't find her," Alister turned over and groaned "shes probally having a shower," he replied, "The shower isnt on alister," Lara managed to hide in the shadows, she had to show alister, so she sat on the end of the bed, "Alister." she whisperd he opened his eyes and nearly fell out of bed, "Lara?" he stared into her eyes "what the hell!" Lara looked down "i dont know whats happend!" Alister nearly choked her when she spoke, "Well we need to hide you, my apartment in Paris should be a good place where to hide." lara had bad memories from Paris, but it was her only chance of hiding.

One Day Later..

Paris wasn't any different from her last expirience there, she walked into the apartment and put down her bags, then put on her head-phone,
"Alister, i dont think this is going to work, ive changed and i don't like it." "the apartment?" "no alister, the feeling, i feel like ive found someone, i had a dream. i did. he was a warrior, he killed his own men, then he found me, then BANG, another man died we stared at one another then he touched me, it felt so real, so .. so sexy." Lara paused realising who she was talking to, "thank you.. lara.. thank you for sharing that..." there was a long silence "Who was the man?" Alister finally said, lara knew, "i thought he was dead." she whispered, "Who?" Lara pulled out her sword, her pistols. then remembered a phrase she wrote when she was fifteen

The Hero, The Damage, The Death. I Shall Find My True Love After War

this certainly was a curse. but which?

Ten days later.

"Lara, you've been acting wierd lately, Winston is worried sick about you." Lara rubbed her eyes and walked upto a mirror and smiled, to find her teeth were pointed like a vampires, then she looked at the night moon, and jumped through a window, "BLOODY HELL LARA!" she looked at a man who had been stalking her recently she pulled her sword out, then stabbed him blood went all over her sword, usually she would clean it but she just left it and sat on the mans body and smiled, alister was speech-less, she then licked her sword, "mmmm.." she then pulled her shorts down and just below her pelvis with her sword wrote something she looked down and alister read, "Death.." he whispered, then she pulled her shorts back up and lit a Cigarette and smoked it, then she put it on the mans leg and licked his neck, alister couldn't believe what he was seeing, she opened the mans mouth and licked his tounge, alister hung up, he didnt want to see anymore if it, lara stood up and walked into the night, she laughed.

Back at the apartment

She walked in to find alister sitting on the bed,
"WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTEN INTO YOU!" he shouted, lara walked over to him and put her arms around his waist, "aaw you dont like the new me?" she whispered into his ear, he then without thinking put his arms around her, and kissed her, "i do lara its just your acting wierd, i mean like, you killed some guy and licked him! its just wrong lara.."
"wrong? what could possibly be wrong with killing someone," "and licking their body! LARA YOUR A FREAK!" alister let go of lara and she pushed him onto the bed, "dont be like that-"

then darkness all around, "Morning Lady Croft.." it had all been a dream. "thank god," lara sighed happily. She rememberd the dream all day, "you okay lara?" "nobody is alive.. its blank.. everything.. dead..." "here, let me massage you," as alister lifted laras top she has scars covering her back, all of them wrote "DEATH" or "DIE," or "BLOOD" alister stepped back and lara turned around "you okay alister?" he then turned pale and was sick everywhere, Winston had a look, and he ran faster than lara had ever seen. she smiled and picked up her sword, "death is amongst us, im the warrior covered in blood, awaiting my male, warriror, betrayle.. is the key!"

Thats part one, part two will have a dark atmosphere and will lara find her male warrior?

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