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Post by LadyLaraCroft90 on Tue May 19, 2009 2:18 pm

Ignore the title just READ!!
its about Lara and a man called - well your gonna have to find out!

Lara ran further and further her heart beating fast, blood spilling from her arms and legs, and scars all over her stomach, she was almost away until.. "Oof!" she fell, the man lifted her up and tied her to a tree, then he examind her cuts and bruises and laughed "you are the one." Lara was confused he untied her and took her to a village, "what the bloody hell is going on!" she said to the muscled man. "OUR PRINCESS IS BACK!" princess? The sky turned red and people bowed down "She Is Back! to acompany me to destroy all your lifes, you are all..." lara looked at the villagers as the man spoke. "Who Are You!" the man ignored her until they were at some sort of castle "I, your heinesse, am Quias, I Killed your farther so you could join me in hell, from the first time i lay eyes on you when you were thirteen, i knew i was in love with you, i remember one night, i snook into your room, we talked for hours on end, then i kissed you, and slept in your bed with you, then your father found out, and he banished you to live a usual life, i got mad, and i was emprisioned, then he asked me why i did it.." laras mouth went dry "I Said to him, i loved you, then he told me you were an angel, not mine! then i realised your were a dark angel." lara looked at him "but i have a husband!" Lara thought of Alister, but Quias ignored her, "I Don't care, i remember, before you left you promised me, in eighteen years time, you would find me, and marry me you then forgot about everything, i have found you Lauri, i have found you!" Lauri? "My name is Lara!" She shouted but Quias smiled "Our dark wedding will be tommorow at noon. SLAVES get her ready for our wedding!"

Laras dress was black and long, she examind her back-pack and found her headset "Alister! some man called Quias thinks im someone called Lauri from eighteen years ago! he wants me to marry him tomorow at noon! find out about him, fast!" Alister grew angry and searched alot, the following morning he called lara "He is dead, a spirit as we speak, when you were only thirteen, a double of you called Lauri was, she was in love with this man, she got banished, promised to marry him! she looks like you, he thinks you are her!" lara put her dress on, and covered her hair. "Alister, i think i do Love him" alister couldnt believe it! "Lara! i love you too!" Lara hung up, "My name is Lauri." something was wrong, wrong all over!

the wedding.

"I Do" Lara - Lauri said as she was now Quiases dark angel, forever. Alister then barged into it, and kissed lara she kissed back, Quias turned red with anger, "I DIDNT HYPNOTISE HER FOR THIS! she remembers who she thinks she is now!" lara and alister both wore white, after the kiss, and the city turned joyful once again, Quias put a knife to Alisters chest "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? my dark angel, my beloved dark angel! she .. she .. you! you did this! she loves you! not me," "i never will love you Quias, im married and so i dont need you." "Oh Lauri! what are you saying! you love me!" Alister laughed "Lauri, she died after the betrayal." "THIS HERE IS LAURI! HER KISS HER BODY IDENTICLE!" alisters eyes widend "her .. kiss?" "Alister i can-" "explain? NO YOU CANT!" "no,, i can tell you i didnt kiss him!" "really!" Quias grabbed lara and kissed her she felt oddly comfortable, but acted uncomfortable as she slyly kissed back, "Quias! Let her GO!" but when he blinked he found laras arms over Quiases shoulders, the man with dark eyeliner, black hair, had taken over Lara. "Lauri is now mine." "i go by Lara." Alister realised that the kiss must be the hypnotisastion. "Lara.." he sighed, "Lauri, shall we go now? this city is how it should be, miserable. lara and Quias left to their room, alister followed ten muintes later, but when he found their room he heard mumbling " Quias i do love you! i promise!" "I DONT NEED YOU! THIS LAND IS MINE ONCE AGAIN!" Alister opend the door to find Quias harming lara, he hit her bit her, she was also completely stripped, "Quias!" "dont you Quias me, Lauri!" alister rushed over to lara "dont you dare hurt her!" he kissed lara and her hypnotisasion ran from her, "i dont need her!" lara found her sword and a nighting gown, then walked over to Quias and stabbed him, "im not in love with you, i never will be." but Quias survived, he laughed "No Lauri, you do, look in my eyes, its so simple, do you remember me?" lara looked deeply into his eyes, "my god.. no...." alister didn't understand but then Quias punched lara and she fell her eyes closed, her mouth open, her skin pale, "lara?" Alister whispered, "Lara.. Lara.. Lara.. her name is Lauri! and she loves me, alot, she knows who i am, and knows how much she loves me, and she knows how she always will, because-" "Quias, your expected for your lunch." a maid interupted, Quias left the room and alister kissed laras dry head, "oh lara," her eyes opened "we must escape...." alister lifted her up, and she held her sword, "Alister... RUN." they escaped the village and lara turned back to normal,

the following morning neither of them remembered what had happend, that day.

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Never Again. Empty Re: Never Again.

Post by JoeyJunior on Wed May 27, 2009 1:51 pm

wow, cool and alittle wierd story you wrote there...
if its something you are gonna work on, then i think you should get more details in it. and make it longer.
nut pretty cool made Wink

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