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Liar p:1  (Fanfic) Empty Liar p:1 (Fanfic)

Post by LadyLaraCroft90 on Wed May 27, 2009 2:28 pm

hello forumers. ive wrote a fan-fic. enjoy! its about DG lieing about her life...

"WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY Head!" Lara shouted at her sleeping doppleganger, "OKAY OKAY. im awake! now let me sleep!" Lara sat down "fine. ill just play my music." "FINE. ill stay awake. god what do i have to do to sleep around here!" Lara smiled "im going on holiday for a while. i dont want you or the lads. to get into mischeif." "okay. where are you going?" "Well its for me to know and you to find out." Lara left the room and her doppleganger got dressed. and pulled out her mobile "Hey. yeah, im back in." Ill get into mishchief her doppleganger thought.

Hours Later, "Bye Lara!" "Bye! Bye Lads!" As Lara left her doppleganger went up to her room. she took off her fake-arm to her real pale arm. it had tattoos all down them, they were like codes she took offf her top which had always covered her stomach and back tattoos, and she replaced her top with a small tank-top. "Bye Boys. Im Going. call me when lara gets back because i dont want to be accused of anything." Zip and winston looked at each other. "where are you going." "out." Out for a month.

Days Later. "Welcome Back Moon." "yeah i went by doppleganger. but its good to be adressed by my name." "you have an assignment." the small old man told her. "already?" "yes. here. you must kill this girl." on the small sheet of paper it said "Lara Anne Croft." her doppleganger smiled "Finally. i can kill that crappy tomb raider." She sat down and opened a can of beer. "Go Kill Her. complete the assignment." Moon stood up and pulled out her gun. "Oh For The Love Of Death. shes on holiday. i dont know where" "We Do. Carribean." So off Moon Went to kill her so called master

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