Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola!

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Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola!

Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_lcap100%Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_rcap 100% 
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Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_lcap0%Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_rcap 0% 
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Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_lcap0%Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Vote_rcap 0% 
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Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! Empty Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola!

Post by TombRaiderFan09 on Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:23 am

For those of you who don't know, Call of Duty 5 is a game for Wii, PS3, 360, PC..etc. It is also called Cal of Duty: World at War and supports trophies/achievements. The game is based around WWII (World War II) except it's doesn't feature Adolf Hitler (German Racism/Nazism), it the main story plays two storylines: Being a American battling the Japanese and being a Russian battling the Germans/Nazis. There is also a Cooperative and Multiplayer mode for online players as well as Solo Mode (Story mode). Once you complete the story a feature called "Nazi Zombies" becomes unlocked on Solo Mode and Co-Op where you play a character who must survive by battling evil undead nazis called nazi zombies. The level comes in rounds like Round I, II, III...etc after beating the zombies for that round. 2 hits from a zombie takes you down and if you are playing on Solo Mode of Nazi Zombies you die instantly and restart from Round I. If, however you are down and you play on Co-Op Mode, your teammates can revive you before you eventually die, so you come back alive with. The 1st Nazi Zombies level is called "Nacht Der Untoten" and is free and unlocked, the 2nd Nazi Zombies level is called "Zombie Verruckt", it takes place in an asylum and the same principles apply. It comes with Map Pack 1 which costs around £7.99 in the PS Store and about 50 Microsoft Points in the XBox Store. Map Pack 1 also comes with 2 new online maps to play against each other, online. Now, Map Pack 2 has recently been released and contains a new Nazi Zombies level called "Shi No Numa" and contains 3 new online maps to play on Multiplayer Mode, it costs the same price as Map Pack 1. In Nazi Zombies (all levels) there is a box called the "Mystery box", it costs 950 points to open (10 points gained by shooting a zombie each time, 100 points for single headshot). When opened, the mystery box rapidly cycles through all the arsenal of weapons it has and finally selects one random one, you can choose to either take it or leave it, depending on how good it is and how worthy it is. You could end up with the best weapon against the zombies (Ray Gun/M2 Flamethrower) or a rubbish weapon against them like Colt M1911 or a pistol like that. You can also buy weapons carved in chalk of the walls in nazi zombies level at a price and ammo as well. There are windows in the levels with wood barriers which zombies come to and pull off to get in. You can repair the barriers buy holding the square button for PS3 or X button for 360, the more rounds you go into, the more zombies and the more harder it is to deal with them and kill them. Now, in "Zombie Verruckt" and "Shi No Numa" in the mystery box there will be a teddy bear in there, if the mystery box decides to choose that for you, you are very unlucky and the mystery box disappears and reappears in another room or area. In "Shi No Numa" it is easier to see where it has reappeared because a ray of golden light wil shine above the area it is in. The Teddy Bear does not feature in "Nacht Der Untoten" but there is a lesser arsenal of weapons in that level as well as rooms. Also, in the levels there are doors and gates and debris that lead to new rooms with new weapons and that, it costs either 750 or 1000 points to open the door, gate or debris to proceed. Now, in "Shi No Numa", there is lots of new stuff to the level. For one, traps. There are traps scattered throughout the level and cost about 750 or 1000 points to use. These set off for about a minute and then stop, ready to be used over and over again. Two, instead of the zombies being Nazi they are Japanese. Three, you are aloud to go outside unlike in the previous levels and see where the zombies spawn (usually from in the swamp). Four, there is a contraption called the Zipline, which costs 1500 points to use it goes from the outside of the top of the starting room to one of the corner huts called the "Doctor's Quarters", there is only one rule in Nazi Zombies. Survive, live and kill for as long as you can. In the levels, there are numerous glitches that spoil the fun. Now that you know about COD 5 and Nazi Zombies, let me tell you about the Perk-a-cola's. Perk-a-cola is a machine that is randomly generated from the 4 corner huts in "Shi No Numa", like the Mystery Box. There are four perk machines and here are your choices for the poll:

Juggernaut - A great perk, which rarely gets randomly picked, it costs 2500 points and instead of you dying or going down in 2 zombie hits, it takes about 6 or 8 hits for you to go down, it gives you great advantage against the zombies and is great.

Speed Cola - A good perk, quite common to get and costs 3000 points. It speeds up everything you do, like repairing window boards, reloading by about 2x. Very effective and good with the hellhounds (introduced at end of this post). Expensive though.

Quick Revive - The commonest of all the perk and a survivor, it cost 1500 points so very cheap and what it does, is when a player in Co-oP mode goes down and needs to be revived, when you drink Quick Revive Soda and go to revive him it usually takes 5 seconds to revive fully but with Quick Revive it takes 2x speed! Good Perk.

Double Tap Root Beer - Quite poor perk, cost 3500 points and what it does is doubles your weapons' fire rate by 2x, so they fire twice is fast. Quite awful, with the Insta-Kill powerup and Double Points. Quite common and most expensive of them all.

The perks are permanent on your player, but once you are down, you lose them. Now powerups come from certain zombies once they are past the barriers and near you, you are most likely to get one from headshots the powerups are...

Nuke - Kills all zombies alive and may end the round.

Insta-Kill - One Shot from any weapon instantly kills the zombie you shot at.

Double Points - Doubles the amount of points you get.

Max Ammo - Your weapons' ammo is increased to it's max. Great for weapons with low ammo.

Now, the hellhounds are evill dogs that are hounds that are on fire which come at various rounds, where there is only them not zombies for the whole round. They are quite hard to kill, but they are easy to kill, once you get used to it.

Here is a map of "Shi No Numa":

Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! 1689x6b

Here's a map of "Zombie Verruckt":

Your favourite Call of Duty 5 Perk-a-cola! 10erd4n

So the poll is for you to vote for your favourite Perk-a-cola from the options above, not the powerups the perks. Or it could just be the one you like.

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