Team Fortress Classic Skill Videos. Featuring myself. Ranging from Gold to Platinum level skill levels/clans

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Team Fortress Classic Skill Videos. Featuring myself. Ranging from Gold to Platinum level skill levels/clans Empty Team Fortress Classic Skill Videos. Featuring myself. Ranging from Gold to Platinum level skill levels/clans

Post by josh1122 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:41 am

Hey. Majority of people that read this, if any do at all, will probably have no clue what this game is. But I'll post anyways lol

The game is called Team Fortress Classic and used to be one of the most popular FPS games for the PC and a mod for Half Life by the company Valve.

History lesson!

The game originally originated as a QUAKE mod back in the mid 90's and up through 1998. It was known just as Team Fortress,consisting of 9 different classes which each had their own uses and characteristics: Scout,HwGuy(Heavy Weapon Guy),Sniper,Soldier,Demoman(Demolition Man),Meidc,Pyro,Spy,Engineer.

Then in 1999 Valve acquired the rights to 'Team Fortress' and was named Team Fortress Classic and was now a mod for the game Half Life,in which Valve is now famous for. This became a largely popular FPS game for Valve as well as a arch enemy vs another game by Valve named Counter-Strike. These two butted heads for ''top mod'' honors for years.

Many years later, rumor after rumor emerged of an upgraded Team Fortress Classic by Valve, but it never came to pass and Day Of Defeat another popular FPS an Counter-Strike both got updated graphics and game play with Valves new Steam Source engine. But eventually a new Team Fortress was announced and finally shown off known as Team Fortress 2 which is out for PS3/360/PC.

phew..ok history lesson over. Hopefully you know more about the game than you originally did before. But now for the videos. Each video will be posted with a description and explanation to the skill you are seeing in each video. So here we go.


NoPriss1122 Skill Video #1- ''SKILL OUT''.

Description: Ok in this video I go through things at various skill levels.

Basic- Just your basic moves that a beginner could pull off, whether it be concussion jumping,strafing.

Intermediate- Concussion jumps,strafing and movement only someone with decent experience could do

Advanced- Concussion jumps,strafing and movement that are harder to pull off and are easy for someone who is more advanced at the game.


Conc jumping: Conc jumping, otherwise known as Concussion Jumping requires you to be a Scout class or Medic class and to use your Concussion grenades,(which are usually used to stun and disray your opponents) to give yourself a jumping boost or speed boost

Strafing - fast movement of the back and forth motion or side to side


NoPris1122 Skill Video #2- ''Open Your Mind''

Description: This video goes more in depth about the in game history of Team Fortress Classic. In this video I go through each era and change that Team Fortress Classic went through and how to adjust to it and how I personally adjusted to it and found new ways of movement with each new tweak Valve made to the game. Ranging from various ways to Concussion Jump,BunnyHop(explained below) and other various things.


Powerful Concussion Grenades: This is just basically how the concussion grenades were,how powerful they were before they were toned downed and tweaked, which you'll see in the video

Bunny Hopping - This was a new form of movement and if done correctly and perfected could allow you to move at insane speeds and give you an advantage vs other players. Which I demonstrate how fast you could go at the time if it was perfected.


NoPris1122 Skill Video #3- ''Dont Blink''

Description: First video out of the ones I've posted that shows me in clan match play vs Gold and Platinum level clans. It features myself play the defensive class Soldier. It was made back when I was in the clan SHS.

Explanation: There were different level of playing that Clan playing was associated on. I'll list them in order from beginner to advanced.

Copper- This level for league play is for people who just started playing and are looking to get better
Bronze- This level for league pay is for people that have got the basics of the game down and basic skill level and got the hang of it
Silver- This level of league play is for people that are better than average and know more and can hang better than Copper/Bronze can
Gold- This level of league play is for people that are advanced at the game and have more experience and its where some of the best players are
Platinum- This level of league play is for people that are considered to be ''elite'' by their peers in regards to their class and skill level


NoPris1122 Skill Video #4- Final Fantasy Team Fortress Classic

Description: Well not really a skill related video but its a rather fun one that myself and clan members made. It's a ''what if'' scenario. What if Team Fortress was a turn based RPG game like Final Fantasy? What would it look like? Well this is how it would look like lol

Explanations: None really. It's just how Team Fortress Classic would be if it was turned based RPG like Final Fantasy


NoPris1122 Skill Video #5 - ''Team Fortress Forever''

Description: This is also not a ''skills'' video much like the Final Fantasy TFC video. But this is more so a dedication to Team Fortress, the game was losing popularity due to Valve not caring about it too much anymore and cash cowing other franchises. The main theme behind this video is ''Why do we play?''. Which shows off Team Fortress quite well to me, it goes through all classes and gives them each their own spotlight.

Explanation: ''If you do not know the reason to play TFC by now, you never will''.


NoPris1122 Skill Videos #6 - ''B3yond'' aka Beyond

Description: Back to skill videos. This is myself showing of how I ''Redefined'' the class Soldier. Not as a whole for the entire player base of the game but for me personally. I go through various ways I redefined this class for myself.

Rocket's Only- I showcase how to do various tricks and manuvers using Rocket's only

Grenades Only- I show case how to do various tricks and manuvers using Grenades only

Combos - I show case how to do various tricks by using Rockets AND Grenades together

1106 Bunny Hopping- I show case all 4 of these used together. Bunny hopping + Rockets + Grenades + combo'ing

Explanation: read the description


NoPris1122 Skill video #7 - ''Back To the Front,GoodBye Friends''

Description: This is a sad(for me) video, but also a dedication video to my ex clan Vanguard Of Vengeance(VoV). It was my first clan I was ever in and we started in Copper together and all worked together and got better at the game together and made it up to the Gold rankings by that determination. Due to real life issues with alot of people in the clan. We decided to break up and disband after 2 1/2 years,nearly 3 years and it was a very sad day,so I put together this tribute video to one of the best clans I was ever apart of

Explanation: ''A battle is defined by individuals,but won as a team''


NoPris1122 Skill Video #8 - ''The Guilty'' aka Guilt.

Description: This is not a skills video. It's a Team Fortress movie made by myself and many other people. It does show some skill's in it but it's not entirely based around that. Its a fun video we all put together for the TFC community at the time and came out rather well and rather random, but still a good watch.

Explanation: You'll notice it says ''An Italian Production''. Well none of us are italian that were in the clan but our clan's name was Italian Stallions,named after Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies. So that's why it got the name Italian Production,lol.


Nopris1122 Skill Video #9 - ''Team Fortress: The Musical Beat''

Description: Kind of a skills video. I make beats and songs with different thing's in game.

Explanation: Using door sounds,back packs,dying,explosions,shooting etc ec I make it into a beat


That's all I uploaded for now, I have others but decided 9 is enough for people at the moment.

Anyways view them,comment here about them and any TFC questions, ill answer

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Team Fortress Classic Skill Videos. Featuring myself. Ranging from Gold to Platinum level skill levels/clans Empty Re: Team Fortress Classic Skill Videos. Featuring myself. Ranging from Gold to Platinum level skill levels/clans

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Never heard of it, but sounds/looks good! Wink

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