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Post by LadyLaraCroft90 on Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:39 pm

Hola! here is a story about a girl called "Ufer"

Ufer woke up again in her usual spot in her usual bed. her hair a mess. her eyes had bags under them. "schoo- SCHOOL! IM LATE FOR SCHOOL!" she got up put on her clothes washed her face brushed her teeth and ran to school forgetting about her hair.
"late again." "Sorry Miss!" "i did warn you! im sorry Ufer. im going to have to call in your parents." ufer sat down falling asleep. she had no idea what had happened that evening. she remembered going to bed at ten as usual. but going again at two in the morning! "UFER. ufer. wake up!" "what!" "Miss Harchet?" "you fell asleep. the class got dismissed an hour ago. ive noticed you have been very tired lately." "IM NOT TIRED!" "okay. i was just trying to help" "Well dont OKAY? i don't need help!" Ufer stormed off into the toilets. she pulled out a brush from her bag and brushed her hair. who knows what happened in class today. or yesturday or monday. When she got home her mom and dad were waiting for her. "we had a call from your teachers today. said you fell asleep inclass." "Mom! Dad! I'm so sorry!" "dont explain. she said you have done it three days in a row now! Ufer. whats going on?" "i dont know! i go to bed at ten. go to bed again at three! I dont know how it happens!" "I Do. you sleep walk. when you get in your room you wake up again." Ufer stormed off into her room. "cheeky cow." she muttered.

The next day in class, wasnt class! all Ufer saw was Miss Harchet and Ufers parents. "Ufer." "mother. father. miss Harchet." Ufer sat down and Miss Harchet began to talk. but all Ufer saw was "sleep.. sleep.. go to sleep!" then she fell asleep. when she woke up miss Harchet was still talking. "see. she falls asleep in class!" "but she goes to bed at half ten! Its not that late. is it ufffy?" "my name is ufer." "no your name is Jessica Melane Matherson. Ufer is your nick-name." "i dont care. i like to be addressed as ufer, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! AND YOU MISS HARCHET! YOUR JUST A NOSEY OLD SOD!" ufer stormed off out of the school gates into her garden and into the shed.

"Finally. you are here. Princess." a boy wearing brown clothes walked in, he had pointed ears, "like an elf." whispered Ufer. "Princess Jassaria. I Am here to take you home." "i am home. my name is ufer." "incorect." "what?" "Princess Jassaria. your parents are awaiting you in Batayao. your kingdom." "what?" "You have been walking into the park of a night, you think someone is waiting for you. you were right. I was. i was waiting for me to take you home." "i am home!" The boy put down his bag and changed his expression "You are not home Jassaria! i mean Princess Jassaria!" "How dare you adress me as Jassaria. to you it is Princess." Ufer put her hand over her mouth. "That was rude of me! Im so SORRY!" "No. it is not you talking. dear me. you are tence. come home. to be your normal elf self." "elf?" "yes Jassaria. you are an elf. "im not little and green." "we get that alot. elves are much different we can blend in with humans easily. like you could." "could?" "we are home." the boy opened the door. and Ulfer found herself in some sort of sunny kingdom. it was like "back home.." only more enchanted. there was a castle and thats where "my parents live. .. but they are my parents back there. unless i was-" "we had no choice." "THEY PUT ME UP FOR ADOPTION?!" "NO NO Dont say it like that!" "what you act like its a good thing!" "your right. it is. you learnt so much. but now you can be you!" "me?"

To Be Continued.

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Life Lie. - {fiction} Empty Re: Life Lie. - {fiction}

Post by JoeyJunior on Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:35 am

wow, really good story there Cool
but try and seperate the lines. its alittle confusing who is talking. Razz

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